True Detective gets aweome movie poster treatment (Photo)


There are certain things that True Detective does to fans of the show and one of those things is it breeds creativity. You know a show is influential when just the very mention of it gets the creative juices of fans flowing, and we’ve seen countless examples of this over the course of the show’s hiatus on HBO.

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From Rust Cohle interrogation spoofs to cool art and everything in between , there’s just something about True Detective fandom that brings out the creative best in it’s fans.

Artist Joel Amat Guell put together a True Detective poster in the style of a classic movie poster and the results are really cool. check out the poster below:

Credit: Joel Amat Güell for UnHollywood

It’s a cool poster to say the least and further demonstrates just how talented the fans of True Detective are. You don’t have to do something like this to show off a love for the series, but it says a lot about how much the show means to fans when something like this is how they profess their love for True Detective.

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