True Detective may get coupled with The Leftovers in 2015 HBO lineup


We’re still around eight months away from the rumored premiere date for the new season of True Detective but there is already speculation as to what shows HBO might surround their hit series with in the summer.

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Next to Game of Thrones, HBO won’t have a real hit series outside of that show which is where True Detective comes into play. It’s the closest thing HBO has to another flagship series and it may tag a show it wants to catch on with True Detective this upcoming summer.

As pointed out by The Leftovers News, there’s a chance that True Detective and The Leftovers could be coupled together in the 2015 summer lineup for HBO.

"It has been rumored that True Detective is going to be premiering in the summer of next year, meaning it won’t be meeting it’s previously expected early 2015 date. What this means is that on Sunday nights we could have The Leftovers move up to the 9pm ET slot and lead into True Detective in the 10pm ET slot.For a network that strives on ratings, this seems like the deadliest one-two punch that can be imagined."

The Leftovers was climbing to the 8 million viewers per episode mark throughout the season, but it’s an incredibly hard show to get into. It’s grim, dark and slow but it could get a jolt in the ratings by following True Detective in the 10pm ET slot.

It’s all speculation at this point, but it makes a lot of sense for The Leftovers to stick in it’s summer premiere slot but piggyback off True Detective moving to the summer to boost ratings ans awareness for the series.

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