True Detective credits get mashed up with The Wire (Video)


Over the years HBO has had a few signature flagship shows that it still proudly looks up into the rafters at. From the 90s hit prison show Oz to the iconic gangster series The Sopranos, HBO has hung its hat on a few very notable series but none has a stronger cult following that The Wire.

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Tossed aside during its run on HBO by critics and cast away by the Emmys, The Wire has gone down as being dubbed one of the greatest shows of all-time, which is saying an awful lot.

True Detective seems to be a hit show in the same vein as The Wire, although it’s being more generally accepted by critics during its run than The Wire was. Naturally, with there being no True Detective episodes to chew on, someone has mashed up the credits for The Wire with that of True Detective.

Check out the awesome mashup below:

That’s a pretty cool mashup to say the least and it’s yet another example of how creative the True Detective fan base can be when they’re inspired by the show. Much like The Wire, True Detective didn’t come away with many Emmy awards this season but it’s a darling hit with the critics.

The Wire never got the fair treatment it deserved, but seeing it mashed up with True Detective displays the lasting appeal one of the best series to ever air on television still has today with fans.

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