True Detective Season 2: Vince Vaughn character details confirmed


Fans have been waiting for any news they can get about the second season of the hit HBO series True Detective and the last few days have been brimming with tidbits to chew on. From casting confirmations to updated rumors about the premiere date and everything in-between, it’s been a good week to be a True Detective fan.

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In addition to getting casting confirmation, we were given word on just what to expect out of the actors who have joined thus far and what sort of characters they will be playing. According to an HBO press release, Vince Vaughn’s character will be a career criminal named Frank Semyon who is trying to go the Michael Corleone route and get into legitimate business.

"Vince will play Frank Semyon, a “career criminal in danger of losing his empire when his move into legitimate enterprise is upended by murder of a business partner.”"

Vaughn is an inspired choice for True Detective, to say the least, as he’s best known as a comedic actor and one that fans of True Detective generally might not like. He’s not a high brow type of actor, but that makes the range he has as an actor that much more impressive. with True Detective, he may get back to his acting roots and dig deep into a dramatic role that could revive his career in a big way.

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