Key and Peele have flawless True Detective spoof


If there is one thing that True Detective has endlessly inspired, it’s spoofs, parodies and tributes to the series so many fans have fallen in love with. But while the show has been off the air for months, the creativity that has been brought about thanks to the show is just amazing.

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Comedians Key and Peele got in on the parody action on the premiere of their show this week, spoofing the opening titles of HBO’s hit series. It was a breath of fresh air to see something other than Rust Cohle’s interrogation scenes mocked, as the spoof by Key and Peele was nothing short of hilarious.

The spoof was great, and Twitter very much approved of what was going on when the episode debuted this week on Comedy Central.

Fans can’t wait for the new season of True Detective to roll around, but in the meantime, these parodies we’ve been seeing are just as good and as creative as the show which inspired them.

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