True Detective fan splices together amazing tribute (Video)


The second season of the hit HBO series true Detective is right around the corner, and that means we’re going to start seeing more and more attention spent on the new season of the series. But while attention is turning to the new season, there are legions of fans refusing to forget the first.

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One thing that the first season seems to continually hand out is the creativity to parody or pay homage to what we saw. It’s a gift that keeps on giving for the series and we got further proof of that this week.

An inspired True Detective fan put together a brilliant tribute to the series that will make you want to drop everything and watch the series one more time.

It’s amazing how much creativity the show can still muster up in its fans despite having not aired a new episode since March. The series is in HBO Go, it’s been on DVD and Blu-ray since June and it’s clear that fans are getting a hold of the series.

Even if they’re not revisiting the series, the show is finding new fans everyday which is huge in a lot of ways.

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