Say What? Malia Obama Interns On HBO’s Girls


According to reports from USA Today and other reputable news outlets, Malia Obama, the eldest daughter of President Barack Obama, is an intern on HBO‘s Girls.

Apparently, Malia was spotted on set of Girls at a New York City restaurant over the weekend. While news usually travels fast on twitter and Facebook, the holiday weekend seemed to slow the news a bit. Now, people are starting to catch up to the story.

Despite my immediate feelings of jealousy (who wouldn’t want to work on Girls), I can say I’m happy for Malia for a variety of reasons. Sure, she might have got the internship because of her last name, but interning for a TV show isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. She’s probably on her feet 95 percent of her work day, and her main job is probably handing people coffee or holding something for somebody.

If she is going to choose that job over kickin’ it in the White House or shooting hoops every day with her dad during the summer, more power to her. I know what I would choose, and it’s definitely not the getting coffee for people option.

Girls was created by and stars Lena Dunham. The show follows the lives of Hannah and her group of friends living in New York City and trying to survive their 20s. If you haven’t seen Girls, I highly recommend giving it a chance!

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