Steven Soderbergh is Trying to Change TV


Steven Soderbergh, the visionary director behind Ocean’s 11 and the so-so director behind The Girlfriend Experience, is reportedly working on an HBO movie that will be unlike anything that has ever been on HBO. Actually, if what Entertainment Weekly is reporting is true, it will be unlike anything that has ever been on TV.

Soderbergh’s upcoming mysterious project called Mosaic is like a choose-your-own-adventure book. It will reportedly work with an app where the viewer has control of the outcome of the story. This, of course, means that multiple plot lines and endings will have to be shot in order for this concept to work. Sharon Stone is said to star in the project.

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The above info has not been confirmed or denied by HBO, but Soderbergh is indeed working on a unique project for HBO. That much is certain. According to the reporting, he has said that it will require a new category at the Emmys, and his project will be the only eligible nominee.

So basically, this sounds like it’s going to be a video game, but as a TV show. I remain skeptical about the idea. Why would people want to watch a show when they know what the outcome will be? Unless the audience is just able to make decisions on behalf of the characters.

Soderbergh seems like a good fit for a project such as this. He’s able to make entertaining popcorn movies like the Ocean’s series, thrillers like Side Effects and zany ideas like Magic Mike. I look forward to seeing what he has up his sleeve.

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