What We Want from The Leftovers Season 2


The long awaited season 2 of The Leftovers starts on Sunday. The Garvey family is headed to a new town for a new start. They’re heading to Jarden, Texas. Since this will be the first season that doesn’t have to stay true to any source material, anything is possible. Here’s what we want to see from Season 2.

Less Guilty Remnant

The white-clad cult was a major part of season one. They rarely said a word, but they continuously moved the plot forward. They tried to keep the departure fresh in the minds of the townspeople, and they did this through various heinous acts of terrorism. They were close to the least likeable group of people on television.

With season 2’s new locale, it’s possible that the Guilty Remnant is less of a factor in the new season. That would be a good thing. We’ve seen what they’re about and what they do to cities. Let’s see some focus on the characters who actually talk.

A smidge of humor

The Leftovers has a reputation for being the darkest, most depressing drama on television. Season one was pretty bleak. I’m not calling for a complete tonal shift here, but maybe season two doesn’t have to leave the audience feeling our lowest when the credits roll. Maybe write a laugh or two in there.

Stick with the existing supporting cast

Season one had a great supporting cast of characters that we got to know throughout its run. Nora Durst, Father Jamison and Jill Garvey will hopefully still be a focal point in season two. We want to see new plot lines and stories, but we don’t want it to be a completely new beginning, with a whole new cast of characters.

The trailers for season 2 look promising on that front, as most of the supporting cast of season one makes an appearance. Even Guilty Remnant leader Patti Levin.

Keep the departures a total mystery

Part of what made season one work so well is that the departure was never explained, and nobody really tried to explain it. The show isn’t about paranormal activity. It’s about people trying to get on with their lives after the departure.

Season two should continue this theme. Don’t try to explain with science, religion or magic why part of the population up and vanished. Stick to the sociology and humanity that was the foundation for season one. Since the new location of Jarden had no departures, it looks promising that season 2 will keep that aspect of the show a mystery.

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