Reminder: Amy Schumer Stand-Up Special On HBO Tonight


Not that you probably need a reminder if you’re an Amy Schumer fan, but her stand-up special Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo, produced by Chris Rock airs tonight at 10 pm Eastern on HBO.

What can we expect? Well, we’ve got the official trailer embedded below, so that’s a starting point. Since Schumer is the current “It Girl” of comedy and perhaps Hollywood as a whole, there’s been plenty of coverage of her big night before it even took place from outlets that have already seen the special (alas, HBO Binge is not one of them).

The L.A. Times has a great breakdown of the themes Schumer explores during the show. Again, if you’re already a fan, these won’t come as surprises to you. She’ll make jokes about how she doesn’t really fit in with the Hollywood crowd, followed by quite a bit of sexual humor — including some raunchy speculation about the bedroom habits of the President and First Lady, apparently.

Vogues reports that Schumer makes plenty of jokes about how she’s perceived in terms of her body type and the criticism she faced earlier this year for making jokes that veered toward racism. This bit is especially interesting:

"In her HBO set, Schumer does not directly address the controversy. She does, though, make a few jokes that send up both the average person’s utter lack of engagement with racial politics and the concealed biases we all harbor but rarely cop to. And, as Sonia Saraiya argued convincingly in Salon, the mere fact that Schumer filmed her special at the Apollo, in historically black Harlem, and that she chose Chris Rock to direct, seem like deliberate choices, as Saraiya put it, perhaps even a “rebranding project.”"

Schumer has always been hyper-aware; in fact, that might be the easiest way to summarize her comedic persona in one word. Yet her “I don’t give a …” attitude suggests that she might not care enough to intentionally “rebrand” in such an obvious manner.

Who knows? All I can say for sure is that Schumer’s stand-up special is almost guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. I’m planning on tuning in at 10 pm for sure.

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