Will Nic Pizzolatto Have Multiple Shows on HBO at Once?


Nic Pizzolatto’s deal with HBO opens up the possibility of juggling multiple shows at once.

True Detective season three has sort of, possibly been confirmed to be in production. That particular news came before Nic Pizzolatto signed a new deal with HBO, re-upping their arrangement for another three years. That deal lays the groundwork for Pizzolatto to develop multiple properties with HBO, but the realities of Pizzolatto working in several series or movies at once may not be all that great.

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While it’s widely known by now, Pizzolatto’s HBO deal supposedly — it has not been confirmed by either HBO or Pizzolatto — gave the True Detective showrunner several options for moving forward with season three. Without being privy to the finer details, the deal would possibly allow Pizzolatto to put forward several new projects with HBO.

But would that actually be a good thing?

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Lena Dunham will also have multiple works in production once her new show Max premiers, but her role on the new show will be drastically reduced from what it is on Girls. Considering how intimately involved (sometimes to a fault) Nic Pizzolatto is in True Detective, it is inconceivable that he would be able to juggle multiple shows at once. At least to the same degree.

Assuming that Nic Pizzolatto continues on as showrunner of True Detective but hires at least a second writer, he could producer or executive producer a second show. With how secretive and protective of his work he is, it’s difficult to imagine Pizzolatto giving up major levels of control with both True Detective or another show.

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Pizzolatto would have to greatly alter the way he operates going forward to make it all work.