Rumor: More Details About Nic Pizzolatto’s HBO Deal May Have Been Revealed


Yesterday, Nic Pizzolatto made headlines by signing a major deal with  HBO that keeps him with the network at least through 2018. Neither Nic Pizzolatto nor HBO have gone into specifics over the deal, but that hasn’t stopped others from trying to snoop out what it actually entails. The head of Anonymous Content, the producers of True Detective, recently said that they were moving ahead with season three.

But HBO may have some stipulations about how that happens.

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According to Variety, HBO may want to change things up after the reception to season two. An unnamed source told Variety that as part of the deal with Nic Pizzolatto, they gave him a few options on how to handle True Detective going forward.

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Pizzolatto will, supposedly, have to hire writers, either write or be the showrunner, or just continue on as before.

It’s odd that HBO would give him the option to just continue on as before, but that could be built on credit earned from season one and not wanting to sour the relationship. Either way it’s obvious that HBO wants Nic Pizzolatto to change the way he runs True Detective. 

The act of giving him the options in the first place is proof enough that they desperately want season three to move forward.

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We’ve talked about Pizzolatto hiring writers in the past. It’s the route that he should probably take. He could still stay on as showrunner, but have a small group of writers backing him. HBO wants True Detective to move forward with season three, but it’s unclear just how they’re going to do it. Assuming the sources are correct, that is.