This Week in True Detective: Post-Season Blues Renewed


This Week in True Detective brings the best of True Detective news from the past week.

It may seem a little odd at this point to revisit True Detective season two and doing a sort of post-mortem. There’s reason two, however. It’s been several months since the end of season two, and we’ve been following the actors since, but something has been missing. That’s one of the things we got into this past week, but we also talked about Idris Elba in True Detective. Spoiler alert?

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We saw two fan created clips this past week that are absolutely worth revisiting here. First off, a brilliant fan created a crossover of True Detective and the shamefully canceled Hannibal. Watch it. The second fan video is a stylish supercut of all the aerial shots in True Detective season two, and it does a good job of showing the artistry of those scenes.

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Rachel McAdams is excited to join up with Marvel, and she took the time to share her reasons for doing so. Be forewarned, they are nice but not revelatory.  We also talked about Nic Pizzolatto, the professor. Old peers chimed in to talk about what it was like to work with Nic Pizzolatto back when he was a teacher.

Speaking of post-season blues, it’s been long enough that we should have seen some serious interview with the cast. That hasn’t come to pass, and at this point it is feeling unlikely. The second season of True Detective is just destined to be forgotten, it seems.

Car Fukunaga sat down with an interview with fellow director Michael Moore to talk about True Detective and Beasts of no Nation. Speaking of Beasts of no Nation, Idris Elba talked about working with Cary Fukunaga and joked about being in season three of True Detective.

Next: Colin Farrell as a superhero.

Finally, it’s rumored that Colin Farrell will soon join DC as John Constantine. That would be one more True Detective actor down. Not too much longer until they all fall under the superhero spell. That’s it for This Week in True Detective, and as always we can be reached on both Twitter and Facebook.