True Detective Season Two is Starting to Make Year End Worst Lists


Media outlets are starting to put together their worst of the year lists, and True Detective is making the cut.

Consider this a list that True Detective shouldn’t be proud to be a part of. It’s no secret at this point that not very many people liked the second season of True Detective. That also includes one of the show’s producers, who practically said as much in a recent interview. So, yeah, it’s rough going.

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Both Complex and The Guardian threw True Detective season two into the worst category, labeling it a disappointment. Complex went so far as to call it the greatest disappointment of 2015 and listed some of the most egregious dialogue the show had to offer. On that front, Complex may have a point. There are some bad lines in True Detective season two.

The Guardian, which focused solely on American television, brought up the peak level of excitement and then the letdown that followed. To put things into perspective, The Guardian lists Empire as the best of American TV. That may change how you weigh their opinion.

This likely won’t be the last that True Detective is brought up on a year-end list. Many more outlets are going to put together lists like this, and it will put True Detective back into the spotlight. You can expect to read similar sentiments from at least Entertainment Weekly, and perhaps even Variety. For those that actually enjoyed True Detective season two, the next few weeks, maybe even a month, may be difficult to swallow.

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In actual, at least potential, good news, Idris Elba didn’t shoot down the prospect of being in True Detective. So there’s that.