Why are There no Celebrity True Detective Season Two Spoofs?


Why haven’t we seen celebrity True Detective spoofs for season two like we did for season one?

The first season of True Detective experienced almost an unprecedented amount of success for a new drama series straight out of the gate. The amount of hype for True Detective when it first started was almost like what happened with Twin Peaks back in the early 90’s. The first season also enjoyed a great number of celebrity spoofs, cementing it deeply into popular culture.

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True Detective season two, on the other hand, has received just about none. The obvious reason for that would likely be that public opinion of season two simply wasn’t very high. But there’s something lazy in that answer, and it doesn’t fully take into account exactly what happened with season one.

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The sort of cultural explosion that True Detective season one enjoyed is so rare that it was almost guaranteed to not repeat itself with season two no matter how good it turned out to be.

Fargo’s two seasons are, overall, have done far better than True Detective. But not even Fargo has seen the sort of activity that True Detective did. Fargo doesn’t have a spoof that was nominated for Emmy, nor does it have a Seth Rogen spoofTrue Detective season one hit upon something so rarely felt in pop culture. Maybe the fervor over Fox’s Empire is the closet current equivalent.

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The best season two ever got was a skit on Late Night with Seth Meyers mocking its dialogue. Even if season two was well received, it likely never would have been as celebrated as the first season. Something like that only comes around once in a long while.