Variety has a Meaty Piece on True Detective Producers, Anonymous Content


Anonymous Content are profiled in Variety, going into their business model and award nominations.

Anonymous Content, the producers behind True Detective and almost every other excellent drama you have seen lately, have not been shy about putting themselves out there. Steve Golin, head of Anonymous Content, did a recent talk and was very candid about what went on with True Detective season two. True Detective, however, is only a small part of their portfolio.

Variety has put together a piece on Anonymous Content, taking a look at their business strategies and their future.

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In case you’re in need of a catch-up, Anonymous Content are not only behind True Detective, but they are also the producers behind The Knick, Mr. Robot, and the recent film, Spotlight. That’s a robust resume. The Knick and Mr. Robot are two excellent shows, and Mr. Robot nabbed three Golden Globe nominations. An area in which True Detective hasn’t been performing well.

There are no quotes concerning True Detective in the piece, but Variety does reference Nic Pizzolatto’s HBO deal by saying that it’s “looking more likely” that Nic Pizzolatto won’t be the only creative force behind season three. Although the interview is light on True Detective information, it does give peeks into Anonymous Content’s business philosophy:

"“What we don’t like is going around to networks and getting development deals…We would much rather find a piece of material, hire the writer, develop it and package it the way we like it, and figure out what broadcaster out there likes what we have developed.”"

That’s sounds just like the sort of independent attitude that Nic Pizzolatto is attracted to and exudes himself. The inspiration from how Golin and Michael Sugar handle Anonymous Content apparently comes from the success of House of Cards, which is not difficult to see”

"“We saw that they were basically using the independent feature packaging technique that we have spent a lot of time doing ourselves.”"

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Variety also includes a chart of upcoming television that Anonymous has cooking, and while both The Knick and True Detective are both listed as “close to renewal,” Cary Fukunaga’s The Alienist is on schedule for next year.