The Golden Globes Skips Over True Detective


The Golden Globes Have Announced Their Nominations, and True Detective isn’t Among Them.

It’s safe to say now that True Detective season two being passed over at award shows is officially a trend. True Detective didn’t make the SAG nominations yesterday, and today The Golden Globes have also decided to push True Detective season two to the side. 2016 is not looking to be a very good year for True Detective.

At least it isn’t surprising. At all.

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While it’s not surprising that The Golden Globes have decided to snub True Detective, it did represent one of the show’s best chances for an award. The Golden Globes has, in the past, nominated things that maybe didn’t get a huge amount of critical love but had other redeeming qualities. True Detective, apparently, doesn’t have enough of those qualities.

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If anything it only pushes forward the point that people are ready to move on to True Detective season three. There is no more fertile ground left for season two. Season one did manage to score some big awards, but by and large it was snubbed. It was able to pull in many awards from the smaller, individual guilds.

Maybe that’s where season two will find some love. Those guilds haven’t yet announced their nominees, so it’s a waiting game until we can find out. At this point, however, it would a miracle if True Detective made it to next year’s Emmy awards.

Next: HBO should talk about True Detective season three.

Being ignored by the other two major awards is not a good sign. The Golden Globes will air on January 10th.