Curb Your Enthusiasm Could Return, but it Probably Won’t


Larry David has apparently teased the potential return of his hit HBO series, Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Larry David is famous for two reasons: Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm. While there’s no hope of Seinfeld ever returning, the same can’t exactly be said for Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm ran for eight seasons on HBO before calling it quits in 2011. Now, five years after its conclusion, David is thinking about bringing it back.

It’s important to note that this news does not come from David himself. It instead comes from J.B. Smoove, who played Leon Black on the show. He spoke about the potential return on The Rich Eisen Show, a clip of which you can watch below:

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According to Smoove, David is the one who brought up returning to Curb Your Enthusiasm for season nine, saying that he was “thinking about coming back.” So, yes, there is technically a possibility that Curb Your Enthusiasm could return at some point in the future. It would be wise, however, to keep all expectations firmly in check. Or perhaps to just not have any at all.

An off-hand comment is not really enough go on here. Larry David very well could return to HBO, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be for Curb Your Enthusiasm. As of now there’s not really any reason to believe that this will actually happen. Curb Your Enthusiasm was once one of HBO’s most beloved shows, but sometimes it’s best to just let things go.

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It would be a fun exercise to take bets on what could happen first: the return of Curb Your Enthusiasm or the revival of NBC’s Hannibal on another network. Yes, we’re still sour about that particular cancellation. Curb Your Enthusiasm may not be returning, but that’s what HBO Go is for.

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