Remember Six Feet Under with Creator Alan Ball


HBO posted a new interview with creator Alan Ball to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Six Feet Under.

Six Feet Under is remembered for many things, and one of those is its unflinching look at a family run funeral home. It’s not necessarily the lightest of topics, and Six Feet Under, much like The Leftovers, didn’t shy away from dark topics. While HBO is ready to look forward with Westworld, it’s still worth celebrating Six Feet Under during its 15th anniversary.

To that end, HBO conducted a new interview with Alan Ball. The interview concentrates on the shows beginnings and its unforgettable finale, which ranks as one of the most emotionally satisfying finales of all time.

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Funnily enough, Ball didn’t originally think that Six Feet Under was all that dark. At the outset, it wasn’t. The first season had fun, fake advertisements for funeral home products and had an overall quirkier feel to it. Ball is also for binge watching, though he doesn’t recommending doing it with Six Feet Under. And neither do we.

The interview has some great behind the scenes stills of the cast and Ball during filming that should be considered necessary for every fan of the show. The mark that Six Feet Under left on television wasn’t immediately obvious, and it wasn’t the world-wide hit that The Sopranos was. But it’s hard to deny that its emotional, subtle storytelling hasn’t had a major effect on the types of stories we see today.

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Alan Ball will be returning to HBO with something very different; a musical project. It’s hard to imagine a word, however, in which Ball is capable of topping Six Feet Under. For those interested in more public displays of remembrance, HBO is promoting the Twitter hashtag SixFeetUnder15.