Voting for the Emmy’s has now Begun


It’s time to vote for the Emmy’s, and HBO, as usual, has a number of productions in play.

The Emmy’s are always an important time of the year for HBO. The network usually has more than a few series and specials nominated, and this year is no different. Nominations, which can be seen here, are spread all actors the board for HBO. And yes, Beyoncé’s Lemonade special is among them.

Game of Thrones was submitted for three nominations in Production Design alone. The season six finale, “The Winds of Winter,” is set up to be something special, so it’s curious that HBO chose not to submit it in one of the bigger categories.. It could have something to do with the fact that voting will close just hours after the finale airs. “The Winds of Winter” is, however, still on the ballot in other categories.

Watch Game of Thrones win for Outstanding Writing For a Drama Series last year:

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HBO’s submissions are largely made up of the usual suspects, including both Silicon Valley and Veep. “All The Way” was also submitted, as was Peter Dinklage for his turn as host of Saturday Night Love. These are not the actual nominations for the Emmy’s, rather, they are the potential nominations submitted by the various networks. It’s possible that not everything submitted from HBO will score an actual nomination.

Still, HBO always does very well at the Emmy’s, even with stiff competition from both Netflix and Amazon. For those specially curious about Game of Thrones, the show was submitted in many categories.

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It will be interesting to see how this list will look whittled down into the actual nominee list, especially if Lemonade survives the cut. It was tough for Game of Thrones at first, but the series has been getting more and more awards recognition as time has gone on. It’s expected that both it and Veep do very well. Veep has been a huge hit with the Emmy’s in the past, especially for Julia Louis-Dreyfus.