Don’t Die on Me! 9 Game of Thrones Characters in Jeopardy

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The latest battle in Game of Thrones puts favorites in unenvious positions

Episode 9 incoming!

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Game of Thrones is notorious for its fatal penultimate episodes and this season’s battlefield-set one is likely to be no exception. To that end though, it is important to note that while blood is most definitely going to get spilled not everyone’s favorite characters are going to die. Remember, for every novenary episode that features a surprise Stark beheading there is an episodic counterpart that is less game changing; “Blackwater” was intense but amazingly the most notable loss there was Davos’s son, Matthos, and last season’s ninth episode tugged at the heartstrings by killing off Shireen, who was a secondary character at best.

All of that is to say that fans need not worry—necessarily.

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