Watch the First Trailer for Sarah Jessica Parker’s Divorce


HBO has posted the first teaser for Sarah Jessica Parker’s Divorce

Sarah Jessica’s new HBO project, Divorce, has been a long time coming. Or at least it has felt that way. Parker has been in a HBO series ever since Sex and the City ended, so already that makes Divorce something of a big deal. The show will follow Parker’s character deal with a divorce and start her relationship with her husband over, played by Thomas Haden Church.

It was recently revealed that Divorce will premiere sometime this Fall, though it doesn’t have a definite date yet. Today, however, HBO saw fit to show off the first teaser for the new series. Check it out below:

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Frances (Sarah Jessica Parker) accuses her husband of “an emotional affair,” which eventually leads to their split. Frances points at the begging of the end to the growing her husband’s mustache, in case you were worried this was going to be a tad too serious. You can catch a quick glimpse at Molly Shannon.

There’s something in the teaser that is reminiscent of Girls, though Divorce comes from Sharon Horgan. Horgan is also the creator of Catastrophe, a show that’s been a nice hit for Amazon and stars herself and Rob Delaney.

Girls is getting ready to enter its final season, though outside of that there hasn’t been much of a place for slower, more relationship-based shows on HBO. Divorce will hopefully be able to change that, and it’s probably that Sarah Jessica Parker’s presence will be enough to drive ratings, at least for the first few episodes.

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The first real teaser looks strong and shows some real promise. Divorce could easily be a big hit of the fall season, especially if the success of Catastrophe is anything to go on.