Matthew McConaughey Wants More True Detective

True Detective might not be dead after all

The first season of True Detective was the kind of meteoric hit that happens only rarely. The second season couldst repeat the success, but it no ever going to be able to match anyway. HBO never went ahead and publicly renewed True Detective for a third season, but it was assumed to be happening anyway. Recently, certain sources said that it was more likely for HBO and Nic Pizzolatto to work on something else.

Things may be going in a different direction now.

Matthew McConaughey was recently on The Rich Eisen Show, and he talked about wanting to retiring to his True Detective character, Rust Cohle. Rust became a hit in his own right, and now there’s a possibility he could return.

It’s obvious that McConaughey has a great affection for Rust Cohle — who he keeps referring to by his full name — and he misses watching True Detective. Interestingly enough, McConaughey states that he has spoken to creator Nic Pizzolatto about returning, so there could actually be something in the works here. And it would nicely explain True Detective’s current absence.

This is technically just another case of actors talking fondly about old projects, something which usually goes nowhere. It’s important to note, however, that The Rich Eisen show is the same show that J.B. Smoove mentioned Larry David wanting to return for more Curb Your Enthusiasm on. And we all know how that worked out.

If Pizzolatto and McConaughey have talked about it, and he’s this keen on returning, there actually could be not only more True Detective, but more Rustin Cohle in the future. It would, perhaps, undermine True Detective’s original mission statement as a stand-alone anthology show. Don’t be too surprised if in the next couple of days it’s announced that True Detective is returning with Matthew McConaughey. There’s now a weird sort of precedent.