Girls gets Totally Snubbed by Emmy’s


Girls didn’t receive a single Emmy nomination

For HBO, it’s more uncommon for a show to not be nominated for an award than the other way aroundVeep and Silicon Valley have consistently received accolades, but for the past several years Girls has been left high and dry. That trends continues, as the 2016 Emmy awards failed to nominate Girls in a single category.

If there was any season of Girls that was going to make a comeback, it was this one. Even though we weren’t totally crazy about it, the fifth season is currently sitting at an 84 over at Rotten Tomatoes. So what gives? Even the panned second season of True Detective (which wasn’t all that bad) scored a nomination.

Watch Lena Dunham talk about the finale:

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Girls is a different kind show than Veep and Silicon Valley. It has more in common with the cancelled Togetherness than either of the above two. That sort of show, however, doesn’t grab viewers. Girls is not laugh out loud funny in the way that Veep is, and it is certainly not in your face the same way Silicon Valley is. But the critical reception is there, which is a major part of getting nominated in the first place.

But it doesn’t have the popular vote down.

It’s not a beloved series, and after five seasons, it’s not going to become one. Girls is a deeply flawed show that not everyone is going to have the patience for. Its characters tend to constantly take two steps forward and one step back, which can make for a frustrating experience for viewers. That seals the fates of Adam Driver and Zosia Mamet, two actors that consistently give excellent performances.

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Girls may not be perfect, but that doesn’t mean it deserves to be snubbed. Driver and Mamet both deserved Emmy nods, and the last two episodes of the season were two of the best that the show has ever seen. This may not just be an issue with Emmy voters; it’s also a question of whether or not HBO submitted the series for consideration in the first place.

If HBO doesn’t have faith in Girls, why should anyone else?