Yes, Jon Stewart can be Relevant on HBO

More details about Jon Stewart’s HBO project have been revealed

Jon Stewart is perhaps the most beloved voice in political comedy. His tenure on The Daily Show has won a mountain of Emmy’s and it’s always a big deal when he shows up somewhere, like when he took over The Late Show.

He’s been working really hard on that shlubby look since The Daily Show ended, and he has earned it. There has been a lot of secrecy surrounding Stewart’s new HBO series, and for good reason. Having Jon Stewart on HBO is a huge get, though there has been some worry that it was going to focus too much on HBO NOW.

During the TCA tour, Casey Bloys opened up a bit about the new series, which will be an animated spoof of news programs. Basically it will be right up his ally. Stewart has established a new animated series to take it on. There will still be a focus on HBO NOW instant content, but there will also be a regular series to go along with it. Jon Stewart is pretty much taking over HBO, in case that wasn’t clear.

There’s almost always a question if a new HBO venture will pan out. Not this time. Stewart is immensely popular and has a huge following that will likely have no issue following him over to HBO, especially if it’s to see him spoof the news. Stewart hasn’t been away long enough to lose his relevancy, though it would be a fair question to ask if that were even possible. According to Casey Bloys, Stewart will be commenting in “real-time” with simple animation.

It’s possible that the shorter skits will go out immediately and then be compiled for later consumption as a series. HBO has not yet nailed down exactly how they’re going to handle it. Bloys did not mention when the new series will premiere, though 2017 feels likely at this point.

Rejoice, all, for we are one step closer to having Jon Stewart on HBO. And that is a very good thing.

Via: Variety