New Series Starring Natalie Portman Coming from the Co-Creator of Friends

HBO has a new miniseries in the pipeline starring Natalie Portman

HBO has been on a roll lately. It feels like announcements are coming left and right, and that’s mostly because they are. Curb Your Enthusiasm is back next year and three of the networks’ most anticipated shows are coming in October. Now there’s another name to add to that list, and this one comes with an interesting pedigree.

According to Variety, the new miniseries is called We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, based on a novel by Karen Joy Fowler. The miniseries comes from Marta Kauffman, one of the co-creators of Friends. Oh, yeah, and it will star Natalie Portman. The plot sounds a bit loopy, so be prepared. Portman will play a college student whose sister and brother disappeared when she was younger. The sister, by the way, is a chimpanzee.

A miniseries format sounds like the best fit for We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, as it’s doubtful that a story like that could spread itself over a full season, or even multiple seasons. As this is the first announcement that’s been made about it, there will be some time before we learn anything more. The bit about Natalie Portman starring is the only big piece of info released so far.

We Are All Completely Besides Ourselves — an excellent title for a miniseries — could premiere as soon as next year, but don’t expect it before then. Outside of narrating a documentary back in 2004, this will be Natalie Portman’s first time working on a HBO project. Kaufman previously worked on the HBO sitcom, Dream On, for six seasons before Friends, and is also the co-creator of Netflix’s Grace & Frankie.

There are a lot of ways that this one can be adapted, though a slightly dramatic comedy feels like it would be the best fit.