Nic Pizzolatto Could Return to HBO with Robert Downey Jr.


Nic Pizzolatto has a new project that could star Robert Downey Jr.

Nic Pizzolatto has been MIA since the second season of True Detective ended. The series hasn’t been canceled but a third season isn’t in active development, leaving Nic Pizzolatto room to work on something else. We’ve known for a while that Pizzolatto was sticking with HBO since he extended his contract with them, not unlike what Alan Ball recently did.

Variety is reporting that Nic Pizzolatto is looking to return to HBO with a new series that could star none other than Robert Downey Jr. The current rumor is that the project will actually be a reboot of Perry Mason and not an original Pizzolatto-penned idea. If this turns out to be true it could be a huge deal not only for HBO, but it could also revive Pizzolatto’s career after season two of True Detective bombed. Critically, at least.

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Robert Downey Jr. has apparently been trying to get this project off the ground for years as a movie. It’s important to note that this isn’t official news, and technically neither Nic Pizzolatto nor Robert Downey Jr. has signed on for anything yet. Since this isn’t official news it could be a while still until this gets off the ground, if it ever does.

Watch the opener for True Detective season two:

The idea of Robert Downey Jr. returning to TV in any capacity is tantalizing, but being on HBO with Nic Pizzolatto would put this on an entirely different level. It’s been about a year since True Detective wrapped up. Hopefully enough time has passed for people to forgive and forget.

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While we don’t know if this will turn out to come to fruition, it does mean that Pizzolatto is alive and well at HBO. But even if there will never be another season of True Detective, there very well could be a second season of The Night Of.