When will Lena Dunham’s new HBO Show Premiere?

It’s been a while since we heard about Lena Dunham’s Max

Girls is still in the middle of prepping its sixth and final season, but Lena Dunham won’t be taking a break after that. She’s been slowly, and now quietly, working on a new series for HBO, Max. For those that either don’t know or just forget (which is understandable,) Max will be a 60’s comedy about feminism. Basically something right up Lena Dunham’s alley.

We haven’t heard a peep from Max in almost a year, with the last bit of news being that Cary Elwes was on board. That’s fair considering that HBO has had a lot going on since Max was first announced, including both The Night Of and the revival of Westworld. Max was originally only picked up for a pilot and not a full series, so it makes sense that there hasn’t been all that much buzz about it lately.

Watch a clip of Lena Dunham on Jimmy Fallon:

It’s worth taking into consideration that Max is not going to premiere before the final season of Girls does. That’s not a hard and fast rule, but considering that there has been no word on Max for a year and Girls is expected within the next several months, it’s a fair assumption. HBO is also likely not going to have two Lena Dunham properties on the air so close to each other.

Max so far has sounded like a treat for fans of Girls, at least what little we know about it. Considering that HBO has not yet picked up Max for a full season it’s relatively safe to say that it’s not a high priority form them at the moment. It’s not out of the ordinary for HBO to announce a project and then go silent on it for a while, so there’s nothing to worry about it here.

If Max is picked up for a full season maybe it will fair better than Girls in the awards department, though Girls did just win an Emmy for Peter Scolari, who plays Hannah’s dad.