Fans Dressed up as Westworld Characters this Halloween

It turns out that Westworld premiered just in time for creative fans to take advantage of it on Halloween.

Westworld is a show that gets more and more confounding as it goes on. Just as we hoped it would, its many layers has ignited the creativity of fans just in time for Halloween. The costumes for Westworld may not be as complex or ornate as the ones found in Game of Thrones, but hat’s actually part of their charm. They are simple, western-style creation that evoke emotions of something more.

Some fans sent us a few photos of their Westworld inspired costumes. These are far more than simple cowboy outfits — they perfectly capture the feel of the series.

Image Credit: Nick Lazaris Image Credit: Nick Lazaris

Dolores and Teddy, complete with flies. That first version of Dolores is mind-bendingly wonderful, as are the deadpan robotic faces. But the fun doesn’t stop there.

Image Credit: Techie_taco

Here we have a Dolores and Bernard combo. Of all of the characters on Westworld we never assumed that someone would dress as Bernard. The tilted glasses are a nice touch, as is the security badge. Other characters may have more interesting costumes, but we appreciate the simple (and well done) Bernard. Also, the blue on that Dolores costume is impressively close to what she wears on the show.

Image Credit: HMac

And finally we have another Dolores and Teddy combo, this time with a western backdrop. We enjoy the slightly sassy version of Dolores.

Even though HBO has yet to fully embrace the Westworld fandom (for better or worse) it hasn’t stopped the fans from showing their enthusiasm. If this is what happens after only half a season, imagine what next Halloween will look like.

Thanks to Nate & Taylor, Nick, Lazaris, and HMac for sending in your awesome photos.