Watch the First Teaser for Girls Season 6


HBO has posted the first teaser for Girls season 6! Basically it’s everything we wanted.

Girls season 6, that is, the final season, is coming this February. Hot off that tasty bit of news HBO has posted the first teaser for the new season. Girls has a pretty good track record of great teasers and trailers, and this one is no exception. If you like Girls, it’s safe to assume that you’re really going to dig this. It also has Elijah in it, which makes everything better.

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It would appear that Marnie and Desi are back on good terms, which is interesting. Season 5 had the two of them marry and the get divorced while still trying to save their music careers. Allison Williams, by the way, is nominated for a Critics Choice Award for her role as Marnie. There is also a little moment between Ray and Shosh, so perhaps the coupling of Marnie and Ray didn’t work out after all. For what it’s worth, we never thought they were good together anyway.

Adam and Jessa are still going strong, though there is no hint that they’ll be able to salvage their friendship with Hannah. And for those hungry for more Hannah being Hannah, it would appear that she’s taking up surfing. We’ll see how long that lasts.

There’s nothing about this teaser that screams “final season” — it looks just like any other teaser for Girls. That could end up meaning that we’re not going to get an actual conclusion out of this. While the prospect of that may be a tad frustrating, it would be very much in line with the true spirit of the show. Nothing has ever come easy for Hannah and her friends.

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A full trailer will end up showing us more, but for now this is all we have to go on. And it could certainly be worse, because we’re excited for all of the possibilities.