Will Season 2 of Westworld be About the Maze?

There are so many questions about Westworld season 2 right now, and season 1 hasn’t even ended yet.

The first season of Westworld is about to come to a close. All we know for sure about the final episode is that it’s going to be extra long and will answer most of our questions. But there’s one question that we don’t really expect to be answered, and it’s something that has played a big role in the first season. Sort of. We’re left wondering: how is Westworld season 2 going to handle the maze?

The idea of the maze is mentioned early on in Westworld‘s first season, and we later learn that Arnold wanted Dolores to take a crack at it. It’s also something that the Man in Black is obsessed with finding. And that’s about it. We don’t know what it really is, though the Man in Black seems to have a greater idea — he has said in the past that it “cuts deep.” Outside of a mention every so often, we’ve learned just about nothing concerning the maze. That doesn’t exactly fill us with confidence that we’ll get those answers in the season finale.

Watch a clip of Bernard’s origins:

It is therefore an obvious pick to be carried over into season 2. Much of Westworld’s first season is coming together in a way that feels like a complete story. That didn’t feel possible a few weeks ago, but now it’s easier to see the grand finale that the season has been building toward even if the specifics aren’t yet obvious. The maze is the only part of season one that hasn’t been explored all that well. In a way, that puts even more pressure on that particular story line to follow through later on.

Even with its faults, Westworld’s first season has been excellent television. The twists and turns, while not always surprising, have felt satisfying all the same. The end is now in sight, but be prepared to let the maze go. At least for now.