The Photos of Westworld’s Season Finale are Insane

The season finale of Westworld is going to be one crazy time if new photos are to be believed.

Here we are, days before the Westworld season finale. How did we get here? Well, time, mostly. Westworld has been expertly assembling the pieces to its story over the past nine weeks. In some ways we don’t feel ready for a finale, but in other ways we appreciate how elegantly the season has brought it all together. HBO has released new photos for the finale, titled ‘The Bicameral Mind,’  and they’re pretty crazy.

Ingrid Bolsø Berdal, Leonardo Nam, Rodrigo Santoro, Thandie Newton (Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO)

Yeah, so, let’s talk about that. It looks like, with Felix’s help, Maeve and Hector will sneak their way into the park’s lab. We’re not sure for what end, but it definitely has something to do with Maeve’s goal of gathering a Host army and uprising. She’s fairly close tot he source in this photo, and it wouldn’t be unfair to say that only a visit from Ford will be enough to stop her. If he is even capable of stopping her at this point.

Ed Harris, Evan Rachel Wood (Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO)

We saw a flash of this scene in the preview for the finale. That is Dolores and the Man in Black in front of Dolores’ grave, though the significance is not exactly clear. It has been difficult to make out  what’s been going on with Dolores lately, and so this photo is mostly just confusing. Was there a real Dolores at some point, or did she perish in a past narrative? Perhaps she is destined to in a future one. It goes without saying that the finale has a lot of questions to answer.

James Marsden (Credit for all: John P. Johnson/HBO)

The final photo is of Teddy. Poor, poor Teddy. He was recently dispatched (again) in the last episode, and so this is either a flashback or a new loop. This could be of his past, you know, the past in which he apparently massacred an entire town for some reason. The final episode will have an extra 30 minutes to tell its story, and hopefully that will be enough to satisfy. We can’t wait.