There’s Murder at the Heart of the new Big Little Lies Trailer

The new trailer for Big Little Lies ditches the sexy mystery for gossip and suffering.

We’ve been anticipating HBO’s adaptation of the best-selling Big Little Lies for a while now. With names likes Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman attached, how could we not? We’ve seen the first trailer so many times by now that we could probably recite it. It’s a good trailer, and it emphasizes a feeling of dark, sexy, mystery. The trailer that HBO released today is certainly not that.

We get short introductions to the main characters, with Witherspoon’s Madeline at the center. Her friends are not above throwing her under the bus. The trailer flashes back and forth between the events of the murder and those involved being interviewed by the police. It’s safe to say that the series will take place both before and after, instead of in a linear fashion. The new trailer shows the cutthroat lives of these women, filled with gossip, jealousy, and anger. We also get to see all three of them fall apart, so don’t expect it all to go smoothly. It couldn’t possibly when they all seem to resent each other so much.

And we also get quick glimpses of Alexander Skarsgård as Perry White and Adam Scott as Madeline’s husband, Ed Mackenzie.

Big Little Lies is, ultimately, the story of a murder and how it affects the lives of these women and those closest to them. All episodes will be directed by Jean-Marc Vallée, who directed Reese Witherspoon in Wild. The novel of the same name was a huge hit so the anticipation for this adaptation is fairly high. Hopefully its strong pedigree will stave off disappointment. Big Little Lies will premiere in February, along with the final season of Girls.