How will Westworld keep fans Interested?


The first season of Westworld now ended, and now HBO has to work on keeping fans invested into 2018.

Westworld had, shall we say, quite a season finale. That sort of ending can usually assure that fans are going to stick around for future seasons, though this time around they’ll be waiting a bit longer. The series won’t be back until 2018, and that is going to leave some space to fill. This is not quite the same as Game of Thrones taking some extra time for season 7; Game of Thrones is a well-established and acclaimed property. Westworld is still new.

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Considering that the official site, Discover Westworld, played such a huge part in promoting the show up to the premiere, it’s likely that it will remain active through next year. In fact, fans on the mailing list should have gotten a new Westworld Weekly, apologizing for the “routine maintenance” and stating that there will be no more reservations for the time being. It’s all part of the game.

Aeden has been the Guest Service Host for Discover Westworld, and is the one responsible for the interviews over at the site. Seriously, if this is all news to you, you owe it to yourself to get over there and explore. It’s looking like the site will be the place for Westworld activity over the next year and some, perhaps eventually offering hints at season 2. It would be unwise for HBO and the team behind the show to throw all of the current hype out of the window and just hope fans will return in 2018.

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While we can’t say for sure what’s going to happen with Discover Westworld, we expect it to play have a big role in keeping fans interested for the foreseeable future. Now that the season is over we’ll have to see if the weekly newsletters are still going to come out. Still, it would be wise to keep an eye on the official site just to see what happens.