Matthew McConaughey wants to do True Detective Season 3

Fans and actors can’t let the show go: Matthew McConaughey wants in on True Detective Season 3.

The first season of True Detective came out of nowhere. It rocketed into the zeitgeist, and paved the way for more film stars to join in on the TV game. The second season undid a lot of good faith from the first, pretty much tarnishing the show’s (and creator Nic Pizzolatto’s) reputation. After season 2 ended, True Detective went into hibernation, with neither a denial or confirmation about its future.

There have been rumblings before about a revival of sorts, though current head of programming, Casey Bloys, says that there is no new True Detective in the works. That doesn’t mean that we can’t do a bit of wishful thinking, and that goes double for Matthew McConaughey. McConaughey was recently on The Rich Eisen Show, and when asked about True Detective, he had nothing but good things to say.

McConaughey “wouldn’t hesitate” to do True Detective season 3 if it was written well. It’s important to note that he basically echoes Bloys’ statement, saying that nothing has been done and Pizzoatto is taking a break from it. McConaughey’s portrayal of the damaged Rust Cohle was the highlight of the year, and some fans weren’t too keen on going into season 2 knowing that character wouldn’t be seen again. This is also not the first time that McConaughey talked True Detective on The Rich Eisen Show, having said more or less the same thing over the summer.

Having Rust making an appearance in season 3 would go against what the anthology series was originally about — having different season be completely unrelated. If it were to act more as a revival, than there is no reason that the rules couldn’t be unwritten. By the time True Detective season 3 does happen, if it happens at all, fans would likely be ready and excited for its return. Especially if Rust were to make another appearance.