Veep’s Season 6 Premiere date is Coming Soon


We still don’t know when season 6 of HBO’s best comedy, Veep, is coming. But that will change shortly.

It’s a little odd to write about a “coming soon” for a reals date. It’s not totally unlike watching a 10 second teaser for a trailer. But this is Veep that we’re talking about, any news is worth talking about. Veep is about to hit its sixth season, and though we don’t know all that much about it, we will at least soon learn the premiere date. Even though Game of Thrones is being pushed back to the summer, Veep is not expected to join it.

According to showrunner David Mandel, in reply to a fan on Twitter, the premiere date for season 6 is coming soon from HBO.

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The actual question was looking for something a bit more specific; whether it would air in April of mid 2017. It’s no surprise that Mandel wasn’t willing (or able) to answer the question directly, but at least we don’t have to wait long to learn the details. In all likelihood Veep is going to stick to its spring schedule, but this time it will be joined by The Leftovers. The final season of The Leftovers is penciled in for April, a move that makes sense considering that Veep is normally paired with Game of Thrones. HBO doesn’t want to lose out on that drama/comedy punch.

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Veep didn’t suffer one bit from losing creator and original showrunner Armando Iannucci, so we continue to expect great things from the political comedy. The season will follow Selina and her teams at a crossroads after losing the presidential election. If that was a spoiler, you have a lot of catching up to do. No excuses.

Before all that, however, we’ll be talking a lot about The Young Pope.