The Girls Season 5 Blu-Ray is now up for Preorder


The Girls season 5 blu-ray has a page for preorder up, dangerously close to the premiere of the final season.

We’re now close to the final season of Girls, and in all the excitement it seems like season 5 got lost along the way. While Girls season 5 did have its fair share of ups and downs (as all seasons of this show do) the final batch of episodes represented some of the best of what Girls has had to offer. It’s usual for HBO to release the blu-ray/DVD of a season close to the premiere of the next season, though they are to cutting it a bit too close.

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The blu-ray for the fifth season of Girls has a page and preorder up at Amazon, where you can nab it for a cool $24.99 as of this writing. What’s missing from that page is, well, just about everything else. No list of special features, and  no actual release date. That’s right, you can preorder the season now and still have no idea when you’re going to get it. HBO will probably end up releasing it towards the end of this month, but it’s odd for it to not have a date yet.

And at this late stage of the game you may be tempted to just wait it out and grab the entire series when the inevitable box set drops. We certainly wouldn’t blame you for that, though $24.99 is mighty tempting. Amazon will likely update the page with the correct release date in a few days time, so don’t worry about the blank space too much.

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Still, we’re left wondering why HBO is choosing to cut it so close this time around. If we didn’t know any better we’d be worried that it wouldn’t release until after season 6 premieres, which would be madness.