Veep’s David Mandel Takes us Inside the AFI Awards


The AFI Awards today honored several HBO shows, but only Veep gave the inside scoop.

The AFI awards (American Film Institute) is a low-key but important awards ceremony. It’s not on the same level of spectacle as the upcoming Golden Globe’s, but that’s part of its charm. The awards usually take place at a luncheon instead of a dinner or in the evening, and this year several HBO shows were honored. But we’re really here to talk about Veep.

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The awards are not about a list of picking a single show or movie out of a list of nominees, it’s about recognizing multiple instances of dazzling artistry. There’s actually something a little romantic about that. Veep’s showrunner David Mandel took to Twitter earlier today to give fans an inside peek at what it was all like.

Not too shabby, eh? Mandel has successfully steered Veep after the original creator and showrunner, Armando Iannucci, left to work on other things. Other HBO shows that were honored include The Night Of and Game of Thrones. Westworld didn’t make the cut, but there is time still for it to prove itself.

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Game of Thrones, and especially Veep, have proven themselves to be award magnets. There’s good reason for that, as both happen to be fantastic. Veep will be entering its sixth season, and we expect even more after that. Outside of Iannucci’s own The Thick of It, there really hasn’t been anything like it. We thank David Mandel for being so delightfully inclusive on social media and for showing off the fancy certificate for Veep. Both Game of Thrones and Veep has been honored before, though Game of Thrones has gotten it more often.

You can see a complete list of honorees over at the official American Film Institute site.