The new Trailer for Girls Season 6 is Basically Girls


The full trailer for Girls season 6 is here, in which Hannah might actually not sabotage herself. Maybe.

Basically, the new full trailer for Girls season 6 is everything we’ve come to expect from the series after five years. Some growth, some tears, some messy relationships, and Hannah being herself. It doesn’t betray itself at all; it sells the show to fans, as exactly it should for its final season. Yes, Elijah gets in there too, because why mess with a winning formula?

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It was a little odd to see Ray and Marnie get together after all this time, and our hopes after this trailer for that relationship are at an all time low. Apparently Desi is still in the picture, which we technically knew from previous teasers. But still. We expect the final season to bring the Adam and Jessa drama to a head, possibly leading to the dissolution of the group. Or at least alter it significantly. Hannah is also, finally, going to really get somewhere with her writing, an endeavor which was once curtailed by the death of her editor. That happened.

The only thing we know for sure about season 6 is that it’s going to a big, glorious mess. Also Hannah is going to dance and we’re big fans of that. We’re a little sad to see Girls come to end, even though it never hit all the right notes. It didn’t need to and it stayed true to itself, as the characters have so far done.

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Girls is a show that embraces most of its instincts, for better or worse. For fans of the show, that works at a plus. And honestly, at this point true fans are the only people who Girls should concern itself with. It’s not going to win anyone over and it certainly doesn’t have to.

Girls season 6 will premiere on February 12th.