Pete Holmes Finds Himself in a new Trailer for Crashing


The latest trailer for Crashing Pete just trying to catch a break

It was recently announced that Pete Holmes’ Crashing will debut on February 19th. To go along with that swell announcement, we now have a new trailer. In case you aren’t yet familiar with it, Crashing stars Pete Holmes as Pete, a man trying to get his life together after walking in on his wife and another man. That little moment makes its way into this trailer new trailer. Before diving in, be forewarned that there is precious little footage here that we haven’t seen in other trailers.

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Pete is a struggling comic trying to find himself while going through a divorce. He’ll have the help of some famous friends, such as Artie Lang and Sarah Silverman. This new trailer acts are a nice little overview of the series; we see him as a broken man and then on the rebound. Crashing looks to be more life-affirming than the standard black comedy. We do, however, see his ex-wife (played by Lauren Lapkus) tell him that she was trying to free him. So that’s a thing.

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Crashing comes by way of Judd Apatow. Even though Pete Holmes is an actual comic with actual comic friends, it’s not exactly organic to see them all in this trailer. Hopefully that will change in the actual series and won’t come off as too gimmicky. Crashing brings the comedy spice to HBO’s upcoming slate of shows that includes Girls, The Young Pope, and Big Little Lies.

The first season of Crashing will bow on February 19th at 10:30 PM EST.