Surprise: The Young Pope gets Intense in Preview for the First Season


The further adventures of our young Pope

If you’ve watched the series premiere of The Young Pope, this new preview for the rest of the season is going to be just about what you’d expect. It’s usual for HBO to not air a preview for a second episode, so this isn’t anything new. What is actually somewhat surprising is that we find ourselves hungry for new footage even though we’ve seen new trailers and promos for months.

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The preview is titled Love They Neighbor, which is something that this fine new Pope isn’t really interested in. In fact, he says as much in the first few seconds. Lenny is a man who believes only in himself and is convinced that everyone else is out to get him. He’s not exactly wrong – even his old mentor is against him. It turns out that Cardinal Michael Spencer would much (much) rather be Pope, and is determined to figure out why things didn’t fall in his favor. He also makes reference to a game; basically a political game of power.

Sister Mary, meanwhile, truly believes that Lenny is a Saint. So he has that going for him. There also seems to be some sexual tension in there, though that may end up learning nowhere. It’s not so clear as to which aspects of being a Pope Lenny will stick to, but it’s probably fair to say that he’ll adjust on the fly to suit his needs.

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As always with these sorts of previews, it’s not easy to figure out what we’ll actually be seeing in episode 2. But that’s okay; for now we’re content to bask in the dark, surreal glow of The Young Pope. Whatever is going to happen, we can be certain that it’s not going to take itself too seriously.