Veep’s Showrunner is Posting Behind the Scenes Clips of Season 6


Miss Veep? David Mandel knows all about it

Veep season 6 is currently filming – you could still win a contest for charity to check it out – and the waiting game is getting difficult to play. We don’t know exactly when it’s going to premiere, but Spring would be a safe bet. There is still plenty of time for HBO to show us a teaser. But for those that aren’t down with waiting any longer than they have to, Veep’s showrunner, David Mandel, has you covered.

Over on his official Twitter account Mandel has been sharing behind the scenes clips of Veep filming using #Veep and #bts. Check out a clip of Selina entering a scene:

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It’s always cool to see stuff like this. There’s not really anything to learn from the clip, but it’s great to see a showrunner and production be so open. We highly suggest that you follow David Mandel on Twitter to see more content like this, though be warned that he does get political. That’s actual politics, not Veep style politics.

Even though we don’t know when season 6 of Veep will premiere, we are comfortable saying that it will likely air alongside the third and final season of The Leftovers. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more behind the scenes clips like this going forward. However inconsequential it may actually be, it’s great to get a look into one of the best comedies currently on television.

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We expect to hear more about season 6 of Veep in the coming months, perhaps even as early as February. If the wait has been especially hard on you, we encourage you to check out our little binge guide.