Big Little Lies Characters Posters are Going Out


 Posters can be cool too

January is getting ready to wrap up, and that means we’re closing in on the rest of HBO’s winter lineup. For those that don’t know by know, the big shows to look out for are the final season of Girls and Big Little Lies. The latter is a limited series based on the best-selling novel of the same name, and it’s got some serious star-power behind it. We’ve seen a healthy amount of teasers and trailers for it, but now we also get some great looking characters posters leading up to the premiere.

Big Little Lies has an impressive ensemble cast, so it makes sense to promote it this way when it comes to posters. Both Adam Scott and Laura Dern Tweeted out their posters recently.

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Outside of the muted color of the show title and the HBO logo, the posters have a smooth sort of grayness about them. The posters don’t actually have the character names on them, which feels a little like a missed opportunity.

Laura Dern opted to Tweet the gif version of her poster. We’re not huge fans of poster gifs, but such is life. We’re expecting to see posters for the rest of the cast in the new few days as we go in to February.

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Big Little Lies will premiere on February 19th , one week after Girls. Also coming in February is Crashing, starring Pete Holmes. Big Little Lies is only being advertised as a limited series, but if The Night Of could come back anything is possible. However, If the only goal is to adapt the novel and call it a day, there likely won’t be any more. We’ll see how it shakes out.