See new Photos of The Young Pope Episodes 5 and 6


Lenny has never dressed so well

We are fast approaching the halfway point for The Young Pope’s first season. In fact, over the course of Sunday and Monday, we’ll reach it and then pass it. We don’t know all that much about episode 6, but episode 5 is looking to be like a tense and dramatic one. We now have new photos of both episodes to pour over for the next couple of days.

Image Credit: HBO

The first, rather imposing shot, features Lenny surrounded by a few Cardinals, including Voiello. This likely takes place before his speech to the Cardinals in general, a clip of which is featured in the preview for the episode. We’re expecting Lenny to put his plans further into motion by outlining his plan of fear.

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Image Credit: HBO

Next we have a striking shot of Esther. Esther is going to continue Voiello’s plot to seduce Lenny and cause a scandal. Something tells us that it’s not going to work out, but we’ll see.

Now for episode 6:

Image Credit: HBO

Here we have Lenny in a meeting that doesn’t appear to be going well. He’s not sitting at his desk, so he won’t be able to push his handy little button. He does look perfectly comfortable in his most ornate (as far as we have seen) papal robes. Not too shabby.

Image Credit: HBO

Finally, we have Voiello looking like his typical self. What could he be plotting here? The downfall of the Pope through scandal? Going through all of the little bits of information that keep him on top of the game? It’s impossible to know right now, but we can’t be too far off the mark.

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Episode 5 of The Young Pope will air on Sunday, January 29th, and the 6th episode will air the following night.