Why is Peter Dinklage the face of Game of Thrones at Award Shows?


There are many other actors that have been snubbed for years

The story of Game of Thrones is an interesting one. A series based on a revered fantasy series that still isn’t finished, it has become HBO’s most popular and sprawling production. When it first premiered, this sort of fantasy on television wasn’t really a thing, and outside of book fans, it wasn’t a sure thing that it was going to break into the mainstream. Even though the first season did well, it had to earn its place at award shows.

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That’s when Peter Dinklage entered the picture. It was somewhat understandable at first for Peter Dinklage to get the lion’s share (pun completely intended) of attention. Tyrion is clever, likable, and easily palatable to people who wouldn’t normally watch fantasy. But Game of Thrones is now a mega hit of epic proportions, and Dinklage is still the only actor to be consistently nominated. And when other actors are nominated, it’s pretty much a guaranteed loss.

It’s a sad shame that there are only two seasons left and Lena Headey has yet to win a major award for Cersei Lannister. How could that possible be? How could Maisie Williams not win for Arya Stark? Dinklage is the safe bet, he always has been. But it’s borderline insulting not to recognize the other members of the cast at this point.

Check out some sweet Arya action:

There are only two seasons left, and so there are only two award seasons left to right this wrong. Game of Thrones is an ensemble, and there are so many worthy actors to choose from. Even with Dinklage doesn’t win, he tends to be the only male cast member nominated. Hopefully this will change after season 7, but hopes are not exactly high.

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We would never say that Peter Dinklage isn’t an integral part of Game of Thrones. But he is only one of many parts that make the series great.