We have new Photos of Episodes 7 and 8 of The Young Pope


It’s business as usual for Lenny while Sister Mary and Michael get to plotting

The first season of The Young Pope is almost over. In fact, after this coming Sunday and Monday, there will only be two episodes left. That leaves a total of four episodes for Voiello, Michael, and Sister Mary to come together to find a way to deal with Lenny. The newly released photos for episodes 7 and 8 mostly show us business as usual, with some added relaxation.

First up, let’s talk about episode 7.

Image Credit: HBO

Here we have Michael taking some time to enjoy the outdoors. We haven’t heard much from Michael over the past couple of episodes, but we expect him to be one of the big players as the season enters its last few episodes. We don’t know what the plan is going to be to put an end to Lenny, but it has to involve Michael.

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Image Credit: HBO

This is a, frankly, stunning shot of Sister Mary. The way in which she is moving through what appears to be bamboo is akin to how she is now navigating the situation with Lenny. She has to move carefully, aiding Voiello when she can and placating Lenny when she must.

Episode 8 is up next:

Image Credit: HBO

Finally, we see Lenny and Sister Mary walk through the garden. Those red shows are still something, aren’t they?

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There is a distinct sense in The Young Pope that the walls are closing in, and everyone is aware of it except for Lenny. He sees the danger coming from Voiello, but not from Michael, and certainly not from Sister Mary. At least, that’s what we are currently being lead to believe. Nobody, so far, has been able to put Lenny into a tight spot for long.