John Roberts is Coming to HBO in Musical Form


But how well can Linda Belcher sing?

There are always interesting things coming to HBO outside of normal series. There are documentaries, sports (sporting?) events, comedy specials, and plenty of other good stuff. That pretty much means there is room for anything, and that includes what is being described as a “dark musical” from John Roberts and Amy Poehler. Yes, that Amy Poehler.

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The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Roberts is bringing Edison to HBO, which is a musical comedy based on his life in Edison, New Jersey, before making it big. You may be wondering just who this Roberts fellow is, and that would be understandable. You may not be familiar with his name or face, but he happens to be the voice of everyone’s favorite Belcher (but really, it’s an unfair choice) on Bob’s Burgers, Linda. The voice of Linda Belcher is going to star in a dark musical for HBO. Just let that one sink in.

In Edison, John Roberts stars as a man trying to make a move to New York City to be a major real-estate broker but isn’t having the best luck. Amy Poehler will executive produce the project, which means that her actual involvement will be minimal. Such is life. Edison aims to be a series one day, though first it has to be picked up. That’s another way of saying that we likely won’t be seeing this one for a while.

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There may be one little juicy detail that we failed to mention, and that’s the involvement of the incomparable H. John Benjamin, who will be co-writing. Fans will know that Benjamin is the voice of Bob Belcher, as well as the voice of Archer on Archer. Suffice it to say, this is a pairing that we’re highly looking forward to.