We have the First Photos from the Final Season of Girls


Feasts your eyes on photos for ‘All I Ever Wanted’

In case you haven’t gotten the memo yet, the final season of Girls is right around the corner. It’s so close that it’s actually only two days away. It’s a little difficult to believe that after six years we are almost at the end, but here we are. The final season will wrap up the stories of Hannah, Shoshanna, Marnie, and Jessa, but in typical Girls fashion.

We’ve seen plenty of teasers and trailers, but now it’s time to check out the first officially released photos for the first episode of the final season, ‘All I Ever Wanted.’

Lena Dunham, Riz Ahmed (Credit: Mark Schafer/HBO)

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While it hasn’t been a secret that Riz Ahmed was joining Girls as a guest start, it hasn’t been very promoted either. According to HBO’s synopsis, Ahmed will be playing Paul-Louis, a waterskiing instructor that Hannah meets while on assignment in the Hamptons. Ahmed’s presence is certainly welcome, plus he’s now the second Girls actor to have appeared in a Star Wars movie. We don’t think that Paul-Louis will be sticking around for very long, so don’t get too used to him.

Zosia Mamet (Credit: Mark Schafer/HBO)

Finally, we have a shot of Shosh, likely at her new job. The first episode will find Shosh grappling with the idea of actual success, though it could mean leaving her friends behind. Shosh has gone through many permutations throughout the series, though we’re personally fans of her Japan incarnation.

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This is it, folks, the final season of Girls is here. If you’ve stuck with the show this long, are you looking forward to the end, or is this a little more bittersweet?