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The creative fan project returns to cover the final season

Girls is a show that has inspired a lot of passion. That type of passion cuts both ways – people who hate it tend to deeply hate it, and people who love it are serious fans. Although the series has had its fair share of ups and downs, we are fully on board with what season 6 has given us so far.
We’re also down with the creativity that Girls has inspired, and that’s where Girls Illustrated comes in.

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Girls Illustrated is not a new project – in fact, it’s been around for a while, but we haven’t given it quite enough attention. The UK-based creative endeavor captures certain moments from episodes of Girls and turns them into creative memes, for lack of a better term. Now that Girls is ending, we feel that it’s finally time to pay more attention to what this project has achieved.

That little clip gives a good taste of what Girls Illustrated is like. There is even a drawing to share from the premiere episode of the final season:

Pretty good, right?

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You can follow along with Girls Illustrated at @girlsdrawn on Twitter, which we very much suggest you do. We’ll be watching closely to see what kinds of creative illustrations pop up over the coming weeks. You can check past illustrations over at its Tumblr page, in case you want to catch up with years of work. We won’t blame you fall down that delightful little rabbit hole for a while.