A new Trailer Announces the Return of Silicon Valley this Spring


Piped Piper is old hat, isn’t it?

Even though we won’t be seeing Game of Thrones in its usual April spot, it looks like HBO’s spring lineup is still going to be a banger. Taking the place of Game of Thrones will be The Leftovers, as well as the return of Veep and Silicon Valley. It was recently announced that Silicon Valley will be taking its usual spot in April, cementing the month’s reputation as being host to HBO’s best comedy offerings.

To go along with the announcement, HBO is treating us to a new trailer.

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Richard is feeling ready for something new, which does make sense considering he has been pretty much working on the same thing for the past three years. He wants to ditch his friends and take the Pied Piper name with him, which probably isn’t going to turn out so well. The teaser makes it seem like he’s also taking Jared along for the ride. The two do have an adorable awkward yelling session near the end, so there’s that.

Will Richard be able to create a new version of the internet? Maybe, but it’s not going to be anywhere as easy as the teaser makes it seem. It’s also not going to be easy to take Pied Piper away from the rest of the team, so we don’t expect these chums to be chummy for much longer. Though they have always been sort of frenemies anyway.

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It’s almost difficult to believe that Silicon Valley will soon be on for four years. Although it hasn’t been as consistent a winner as Veep, it does stand as one of HBO’s crowning comedy achievements.

Silicon Valley season 4 will premiere on April 23rd.